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Zivarly art scarves designed from paintings of young artists

Rolls of art scaves

“Art meets fashion” is the inspiration of Zivarly scaves

Scarf redesigned from Patty Hudak’s painting Swimming

Details of the scarf are in accordance with the colors and brush strokes of the original painting

Long scaves redesgined from artists’ paintings

Multi natural gem stones and gold dots embellished silver ring

22K gold necklaces featuring mountain crystal, diamonds, and ruby

Handcrafted 22k gold rings decorated with ruby, diamonds, and gold dots

Zivarly Nordic Light diamond rings

Zivarly nordic light diamond ring

Summer-themed blown glass necklace

Skull necklace made by pink coral and diamonds

Zivarly Rose Gold Cherry Blossom Diamond Ring

Zivarly Rose Gold Orchid Necklace and Rings

Zivarly Rose Gold Flower Ring Series are inspired by Chinese culture’ fondness of cherry blossom, orchid and rose

Zivarly crystal clutch

Zivarly Blue Ocean Magic Beeds Necklace

Zivarly Agate Angel’s Wing Necklace